Some indie games that comes from Poland

Poland strong in indie scene too, so without further ado here is the list of games that originated in Poland, and are quite fun.

Thea: The Awakening

Turn based strategy, Civilization like, heavily inspired by slavic mythology. It has a quite interesting battle system where it uses trading card like system. I got a very favourable reviews and we really encourage you to give it a shot, especially if you love early stage of Civilization were you focus on exploring and resource gathering.

Thea on steam

911 operator

If you ever wondered what emergency service operator work looks like now, thanks to this game, you have a chance to find out. Basically you receive call decide whether this is a real emergency or a prank call and dispatch units to handle the crisis. It is powerful and eyeopening game that sheds light on the work of people we don't always see or appreciate.

911 Operator on Steam

Crush Your Enemies

If you that RTS stands for real time strategy, the you are wrong. In Crush your enemies RTS stands for rage tears and suffering. In this comedy strategy you command brutal horde of barbarians on their conquest. Game is hilarious and doesn't treat itself too serious (as well as other games). If you like RTS this is definitely to go title.

Crush your enemies on steam

This war of mine

And now for something completely different, a very serious game about war that puts you in shoes of regular civilian trying to survive. You need to find food, medicine and basic resources in order to get through this hard time. Game will also impose some really hard choices on you. Definitely worth playing especially if you were not aware what is really war.

This war of mine on steam


And last but not least, FPS with interesting concept of time. The time move only if you are, so you are able to plan really wicked moves. But there is a but, you are outnumbered and out gunned, and the only way for you to get gun is to take it from your just slain enemy. Graphics style is very interesting and definitely stands out from other games.

SUPERHOT on steam


We hope that you like our selection of recent polish indie games. As you can see these games are very differnt from each other and defientley worth checking out. If you think that we missed something let us know in the comments or send us a message on twitter or facebook.