On the surface KALYSKAH: VICIOUS SEED, is kinda generic RPG, you control recently awoken female vampire and you must save one of your disciple. Who had been cursed by a powerful spell by jealous necromancer who also teamed up with your evil brother. The story is at the same time complicated and simple.

KALYSKAH offers pretty much the same experience as other RPGs, leveling, quests, new abilities, fighting enemies and so on and so forth. But besides that regular stuff we got also adult theme. Basically you can have sex in this game. Not just suggestion, sensual kisses and zoom out to suggestive but not controversial imagery. No, this game offers real thing. When you complete a quest you can try to seduce NPC and have sex with him/her or just get the reward like EXP, gold or some item. However if you choose to have sex with NPC then the uncensored fun begins. You can have limited control over our protagonist or switch to "auto" and watch the action. The goal of this part of the game is to satisfy NPC who in result can give you more items, gold and rewards than he or she would give you initially.

Besides that you can also pick up a "fetish" by which you can control the amount of "adult content" that game will present to you.


This game is still in heavy development, so you can expect it to be rough around the edges. But I believe it is something that is worth looking at, because there is far too many games that on one hand are overflowing with sexual content but pretend that sex does not exist in given universe or just are simply ignoring that part of our lives.

The game is promised to be free to play. But patreon supporters will get fresh version of game sooner.

Game site: https://www.lustfulillumination.com/kalyskah-vicious-seed/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lustfulillumination