Ludum dare 37 - the one room theme

Just as a reminder, Ludum dare is an event where you have to create a video game over weekend (72 hours, called the Jam) in a given theme or if you are very hard core person you can join the Compo where you have to work alone and develop a game in 48 hours. Current ludum dare theme is one room.

There is one good thing about the compo from which everybody can benefit, the developers have to not only share the game for free, but they also have to share source code of the game, thus giving the other game devs something to look up for.

Submissions for Compo will end in roughly 12 hours and submissions for Jam will and in 1 day and 12 hours.

We will try to keep this post updated with new enries that will catch our attention.

But lets cut to the chase, here are some entries we have spotted on the twitter that caught our attention. They are in random order.

Pixel Artist Simulator by Nauris

This looks really funny espacially the first screen making reference to well known abuse of any young and stiving person, do something for free and you will get exposure.

Good Impression by Ellian

You are young adult (probaly you), that just get text from his mom that she will be here in a couple of minutes and you really need to make her believe that you are adult capable of taking care of yourself.

Other good looking entries

Here are games they look awesome but devs still didn't gave them names.