KARACUBE - mobile puzzle game with a color twist

About the game

Most puzzle games base their puzzles on symbols or numbers. KaraCube on the other hand tries something else: colors.

Puzzles are organized around mixing base colors. You do that by fiddling with small cubes which can emit red, green or blue and if you tap them, they switch between colors. And all you need to do is organize them accordingly to given stage's key.

Graphics, sfx and music

KaraCube gameplay

Art style is memorable and good looking. Dark background plays well with colorful light sources, which are main focus of the game. Game is full of nice touches and graphical effects. Especially the stage complete screen is wonderful.

In the sound department I cannot complain, music and SFX are good. Atmospheric tune helps you get in that special place where you can focus on solving puzzle.

Gameplay and final review

Gameplay is well designed and I have nothing to complain about. Simple and intuitive. Stages are well made and first couple of them will teach you game mechanics. Then the fun begins and the difficulty curve is well balanced.

KaraCube gameplay

I recommend you to trying this game, it's definitely something fresh among mobile puzzle games.

Game is available on all major mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Right now game is available for free.

You can get it on www.karacube.com.