LD#38 - Tomorrow

In this game you control unnamed character. You help him with everyday mundane taks such as dresing up, making coffee or going to sleep. You are doing it with good old point and click interface which isn't really hard to figure out.

Graphics are OK, there isn't much of it but I think they fit well, but some may consider them too dull. Music is good, really sets you in correct mood for playing this game. As for controls they are simple and intuitive.

As for the game itself, it isn't fun and it's not supposed to be fun or funny. This game reminds me of the times when I was working from home and was completely alone. When actually not making perfect coffee in the morning could ruin your day. For those of you who never experienced such feeling of your world shrinking to place where you live, I can tell that this is exactly how it is. You live in tight loop and breaking from it is almost impossible. The longer you stay in it, the more distance grows between you and outside world.

I recommend giving it a try, just don't expect to be entertained in standard way. You can download it from itch. There is a binary for windows, but it also runs on Linux via Wine (tested on Ubuntu 16.04)