Ludum dare 37 - some games that we actually played


Please note that, those games were made over the weekend by very small teams or even by one person, so don't exepect them to be epic sagas, but rather some small pieces of electronic entertainment.

Games listed in random order.

KILLOBIT by bitslap


Entry link

Fun little game, that resemble combination of bomber man and asteroids but takes place inside atmospheric dungeon. basically you need to destroy some floating orbs by weapon that you have, if you come in contact with these orbs you die, if you hit yourself with your weapon you die. You will die a lot in this game, but it is really fun.

Pixel Artist Simulator by aamatniekss

Pixel Artist Simulator

Entry Link

Honestly we are bit disappointed by this game. We wrote about it in our previous post about Ludum dare and it looked very promising but it's just too short and has no replayability. Apart from that game has really nice art and sad truth in it. You should play it, especially if you want to become pixel artist or web dev or freelancer.

Your little human by Quaternius

Your little human

Entry link

You have your little human, and you take care of him, tamagotchi style. Let him work, entertain, sleep, eat and do hygiene stuff and he will live. If any of the meters go to 0 he will die. If you like sim games you will enjoy it. Our high score was 2 days...

I Clean Toilet by Flaterectomy

I Clean Toilet

Entry link

In this game you are a janitor, keeping toilets clean or at least usable. You have two weapons a plunger and a mop use them wisely. Although the subject matter of this game is kinda gross it is actually fun to play and gives you satisfaction. Art style is very nice cartoony 16bit era pixelart and it definitely reduces gross out factor. Try it.


So that's all for now, hope to find more hidden gems in the Ludum dare 37. We have couple of games on our watch list but they had not been submitted yet, so stay tuned.