Shadow bug - it got moves like a ninja

In Shadow Bug you play as the Shadow Bug (duh!). A character whose history is shrouded in mystery. We only are certain about two facts, that he is a ninja and there is a crisis that needs to resolve with his blades. The game does not provide much back story, but this is a plus because you can jump right into slicing and dicing action.


Shadow bug has quite interesting controls. You can only move your character to left or right. In order to progress you need to slay enemies, in this way you can jump and go over some other obstacles. In other words, you need to carefully plan your way through a level or have an outstanding reflex to get through some levels. At first, I was a bit confused by this mechanic but quite soon I started to really enjoy it! The game begins with a simple tutorial level that teaches you game controls and then it gradually increases difficulty. Shadow Bug will be more and more demanding but not too demanding too quick.

Shadow bug screen shot


It's hard not to notice that this game's art was somehow inspired by Limbo, although the Shadow Bug is far more on cheerful side of things. So no risk for getting depressed just by looking at game graphics. Game graphics have this exquisite balance between simplistic foreground and quite detailed background. Sound effects are good and they gave additional satisfaction when you are dashing through a level defeating tons of enemies with your shiny blades. Music is good, it does not steal the show but instead is very fitting and helps you immerse.

Shadow bug screen shot

Closing words

As anything man-made Shadow Bug has some downsides. For me, personally, one thing was particularly annoying. This is somehow related to scrolling, you will sometimes need to make a leap of faith because you have no idea what's ahead of you, or you will just barely see that there is some enemy that you can jump on and progress. And also the game controls may be annoying for people that have been too accustomed to platform games.

Overall I recommend trying this game, it has interesting mechanics, great graphics, nice music and is really fun to play!

Shadow Bug has planned steam release on 21st of July 2017 and it's developed by Muro Studios. The game is available for Windows, iOS and Android.