Witty Ways - clever puzzle game

I'm not very fond of puzzle games but Witty Ways, got my attention by being aesthetically pleasing and presenting interesting puzzles, not to mention great tutorial that get me going.

The game mechanics is quite simple, you need to place certain elements on the board to designated places. But there is a twist, there are quite a few ways of doing that, and the fun begins just after completing a puzzle when the game is telling you that on average people are doing this puzzle with less or more moves than you. So the actual goal is to complete puzzle with least amount of moves that you can think of and beat the average. That feature gives a lot of to the replay factor, to already large set of puzzles.

Witty ways screenshotWitty ways screenshotWitty ways screenshot

What I love about this game?

The tutorial, it's really good and very well explains the game mechanics. Besides that, the whole game is really good and if you want to test your wits playing Witty Ways is one way of doing that.

What I think needs improvement?

The tutorial, although it's really good it's a bit too long, and in today's world of short attention span can be discouraging for some players.

What I hated?

Nothing, really. Personally, I think it's a good game, definitely worth a try.


Currently, the game is only available on Android platform. I have exchanged some messages with the author, Daniel from Trilight Visions, regarding plans for other platforms and depending on reception there could be a release on iOS as well. The game is free to play, and you can get it on Google Play.